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Virtual Voter Pledge Card

I pledge to vote in 2021.

Your vote counts! It is so important, now, more than ever, that our voices are heard, and our votes are being counted. Black and Brown folx and other marginalized communities often have the lowest turnout voter rates.  Let's change that! 

Our elected officials determine the quality and equality of our law enforcement, public education, and health care systems, and so much more. It so important to vote for officials that will stand with you and your believes and values. If we don't vote, there will no representation for us.

We win when we vote.  Fill out our Virtual Voter Pledge Card to be reminded of the upcoming election this year.  Please include your mobile number to receive text reminders.


You have one vote. Use it to build up your community.

By providing your email and phone number, you are allowing us permission to contact you via phone call, text or emails with voting information.

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