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support & technical assistance


What is technical assistance (TA)? 

Technical assistance is supporting advocates in navigating and providing guidance through advocacy and systems such as: intake processes, safety planning, case management, grant writing, co-advocacy, coaching, mentoring, and language access for advocates and organizations. Technical assistance typically provides immediate technical skills and needs that advocates require to make informed decisions and support to victims and survivors, or for programmatic needs. 

We provide support and technical assistance to advocates and organizations working with Hmong victims and survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, as well as providing support and TA to BIPOC sexual assault advocates and providers. 

Why is TA important? 

New advocates often struggle with onboarding into their roles, lacking knowledge on how to effectively navigate existing systems that assist victims of crimes. Some face a lack of support from their organizations for various reasons. Some organizations, due to constraints, are unable to provide the necessary support, while others lack cultural competency, especially for Hmong advocates in mainstream programs. Current advocates require external sources of support and technical assistance.

Siblinghood building is crucial for the retention of new and current advocates in victim service work. Burnout and lack of support are primary reasons why advocates leave victim service work. Siblinghood building establishes a network of support for new and current advocates. Through our work with advocates, we have found that long-term Hmong advocates attribute their retention to the support and siblinghood they have built over the years. Advocates who leave the work within 6 months to 1 year are typically those not connected to other advocates. Through our support and TA services, we have developed a formal system for new and current advocates to receive peer mentorship from each other.

Looking to connect? Contact us today and check out our 2024 Convening & Retreat to register for upcoming building opportunities. 

"Our goal has and will always be to support advocates and service providers in their mission to end violence in their communities and to assist clients to access needed life saving services."

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