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The Wisconsin Womyn Training Institute provides culturally specific trainings to victim service providers and/or social service agencies. Our goal and our mission is to build the capacities of Black and Brown advocates and their communities to end violence against womyn, queer and trans folx and young people.

A list of some of the trainings we have conducted are: 

- Foundations to Gender-Based Violence: What Advocates Need to Know

- Queer Justice for Communities of Color 

- Understanding Domestic Violence in Multi-Ethnic communities 

- Dismantling Institutional Racism for Victim Service Providers

- Southeast Asian Advocates Retreat/Training

- Hmong Strengthening Helpline Training 

Please fill out a training request if you would like a personalized training for your agency. 

Upcoming Trainings

***Sign Up for Updates to get updated information on upcoming trainings****

Sexual Assault Capacity Building
for Culturally Specific Programs

Date: April 13-14th, 2023

Time: 9am-3pm 

Location: Chula Vista Resort, Wisconsin Dells

Registration closed - please click link below to sign up for the waitlist. 

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