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MISSION: To provide safe, confidential, and immediate 24/7 bilingual access to care for Hmong families impacted by violence.


The Hmong Family Strengthening Helpline, formerly known as the Hmong Domestic Violence Helpline, was created in 1999 and originally funded by the Office of Justice Assistance, Dept. of Justice to provide resources for victims of domestic violence in a safe anonymous approach. 


Due to the increasing need for resources and referrals, the Helpline has broadened its focus to provides support, contact, and referrals to anyone--regardless of gender and age--who is residing in Wisconsin and experiencing violence and abuse. As the first point of contact for victims and those struggling with family violence, the Helpline provides on the phone intervention, counseling services, support services, and, most importantly, referrals/linkage to other Hmong advocates and community resources in the caller's respective area(s).


The Helpline has trained bilingual Hmong and English-speaking staff available 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist callers take the first step towards safety and violence free life. Calling the Helpline is FREE and secure. Caller's safety is our priority; all calls are completely confidential. No names. No judgement.

The Helpline welcomes calls from service providers seeking culturally competent services in the state of Wisconsin.

We are a IRS 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt organization. Our mission is to build the capacities of Black and Brown advocates and their communities to end violence against womyn, queer and trans folx, and young people.


Call/Text: (800) 343-9337

24 Hr Helpline: 877-740-4292 or

text 414-530-6450

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